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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Maraylya Surveyors - the Hills District Surveyors, Oakville, Kenthurst.

RW Martin and Associates - Maraylya's only surveyors.

If you are subdividing land in the Maraylya area, call RW Martin and Associates.
0245 736697 or visit our website www.rwmartin.com.au

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Surveying equipment Online.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maraylya, Box Hill, Kenthurst Subdivisions - How to do it!

The Hills Shire Council have updated their Local Environmental Plan to allow 2 hectare subdivisions in the Maraylya, Box Hill, Kenthurst areas. That's 5 acres in the old scale!

If you are a resident considering subdivision and not sure of the process and would like some advice,
feel free to contact your local Registered Surveyors.

RW Martin & Associates
186 Fisher Rd, Maraylya 2765.
Ph: 0245 736697
E: alfmartin@bigpond.com


The basic process of subdivision is as follows:

- Site meeting with you to discuss your subdivision needs.
- Proposed plan of subdivision prepared by us.
- Council pre-lodgement meeting to discuss other requirements (we can also accompany you in the meeting).
- We arrange all the environmental consultants, bush fire and waste water as well as prepare a Statement of Environmental Affects
- Final plan lodgement and consultant reports with council to obtain Development Approval.
- Final survey requirements by us including field survey, boundary marking, deposited plan drawing.
- Plan lodgement at Land and Property and Information by us.
- Plan registration and now your land is available for sale!
- We even have a great Real Estate agent to help you with the sale.

Contact us for information.

RW Martin & Associates
186 Fisher Rd, Maraylya 2765.
Ph: 0245 736697
E: alfmartin@bigpond.com

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boundary Marking Kellyville, Rouse Hill, The Ponds

Have you just built a new home or purchased a block of land?

Are your boundary corners lost, hard to find or destroyed by the building works next door?

Do you plan to erect some new side fencing, a retaining wall or a pool or shed?

Then you need a surveyor!!!

RW Martin & Associates Land Surveyors


Fast efficient service, surveying locally in the Sydney Norwest.

To re-mark your property boundaries in a new subdivision typically takes 1 - 2 hours.
We can also provide you with a sketch.

The dividing fences act states that you must share the costs of any fencing but it doesn't say the cost of re-marking boundaries should be shared.

We advise anyone dealing with boundaries for the purpose of fencing that they should share the costs with their and thus it isn't so expensive.


RW Martin & Associates Land Surveyors


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Kellyville Surveyors help re-mark property boundaries!!!

Have you just built your dream home or purchased your first block of land ?

Have you lost your boundary corners because the grass has grown over the pegs and you can't find them or the builder has knocked them out during construction
Have your LOCAL Surveyor re-mark them for you.
Incorporating RW Martin & Associates, Scott Taylor, Registered Surveyor is a local of Kellyville and can offer you an affordable, speedy service to re-mark your boundary corners.
Knowing where your boundaries are, helps with getting your fencing in the right location, building retaining walls and being aware of what you own!

Contact us on 0245 736697, today for more information.
Visit our website www.rwmartin.com.au and we'd be happy to send you a fee estimate.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Surveying Equipment for Sale

We have a wide range of used survey equipment for sale including GPS, total stations, levels, theodolites, prisms, miniprisms, tribrachs and staves. The equipment is mainly Leica plus other brands. Equipment also includes: ·Leica 1200 RTK GPS ·Leica TCA2003 precise total station ·Leica precise levels and invar staves ·Hydrographic survey equipment including Ceeducer Pro digital echo sounder ·Service location equipment including radio detectors, metal detectors, sondes and manhole lifters ·Safety equipment including gas detectors, harnesses, oxygen self rescuers, satellite phone and personal rescue beacon ·Software licences including Civilcad V7, 12D, Autocad & MapInfo · Antiques/collectables Further details and pricing can be found at http://surveyinggear.blogspot.com If you are interested in purchasing any of the equipment please email surveyinggear@hotmail.com or phone 0418 693744.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Survey Earth in a Day - A world first!

Planet earth has never been measured with great precision- in its entirety- from thousands of
terrestrial points, simultaneously, during the course of a single day. On Survey Earth Day, the
geospatial professionals of the world will have a chance to change that.

On the day of the summer solstice June 20 2012, geospatial professionals around the world
and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be
simultaneously recording survey grade GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in
order to gain a more accurate understanding of the earth's surface. The first annual Survey Earth
in a Day event will be an ongoing annual social surveying education experiment, with a mission
not only to learn more about the earth's surface but also monitor its changes over time, as a global
community.Our results will change the knowledge we currently have of the shape of the earth and
thus provide new information about our planet's surface for the benefit of all man-kind. Help the
surveying industry and the surveyors in your region of the world by representing your area as we remeasure
the entire globe in one single day!

If you are a geospatial professional with access to survey grade GPS equipment, you should
consider helping us set a world record, right from where you live and work! Only a surveyor can
provide the kind of precision that will be needed to truly understand the shape of planet earth. Just
imagine how much this can help our industry.
Survey Earth in a Day is made possible by Land Surveyors United network. http://

Link to Media Kit: http://www.surveyearth.com/media-kit
How to get involved: http://www.surveyearth.com/get-involved
Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/surveyearth
Facebook: http://facebook.com/surveyearthinaday

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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www.youtube.com/theglobalsurveyor - a website which show cases all the best news and info from our 2 facebook pages in a video content.

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Scott Taylor
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